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fishcake is proud to host Hamakua State of Mind, a fall winter presentation by two Hawaii-based creatives; clothing designer, Rumi Murakami and eco-artist and filmmaker, Laurie Sumiye.  Laurie created textile artwork inspired by the wild and agrarian landscapes of Hamakua, and Rumi envisioned a collection embracing the easy serenity of Big Island upcountry living combined with sophisticated silhouettes and modern Hawaiian-Japanese style.

The collection represents an interpretation what “Fall Fashion” in Hawaii means, as opposed to a typical North American wardrobe of wool coats, leather boots, scarves and layering. Fall in Hawaii evokes cooler, wetter weather, muddy rubber boots, cozy cardigans, wet grass, running to the grocery store on a rainy Saturday morning wearing a poncho over yoga pants. Hamakua as a place is “Fall in Hawaii”; a cool, damp wilderness, rural byways, and farming as a way of life.

Hamakua represents rich farmland, free-spiritedness, self-sustaining, off the grid. Big views, isolation, timeless, impermanence, slowness, remoteness, freedom… to not be connected to the noise of modern life. Nature-inspired garments and grounded in earthy independence. Plantation Japanese simplicity and function. Get your hands dirty and wander in the garden.

“This collection is different has a different context, formerly I made office work-appropriate collections. This time, I gave myself more freedom to come up with different shapes and uses. It’s not about leisure but action, like gardening and farming. It’s way more experimental, yet wearable and functional.” – Rumi Murakami

“I dreamt of large-scale bold prints influenced by traditional kimono textiles from the Honolulu Museum of Art but with Big Island flavor. As I spent time on the island traversing its curves, I wanted to create artwork respecting the rural and farm culture of Hamakua. I researched the agricultural history of Hamakua and the upland forests to find plants specific to this place (like Hamakua mushrooms and ʻōhiʻa) which ended up being motifs in the patterns.” – Laurie Sumiye

Hamakua State of Mind
Fall Winter 2017 Collection
by Rumi Murakami + Laurie Sumiye

Thursday, November 9th, 2017
doors open at 5:30pm
show starts at 6:30pm
fishcake | 307c kamani street | honolulu, hawaii
lot parking available at 331 kamani street for this event only

RSVP to or (808) 593-1231

about the brand:

Rumi Murakami is a brand created for women and men who love modern design, high-quality comfort, with a relaxed yet, tailored style. We use only natural fabrics; 100% cotton and silks. 100% Hawaii Designed, 100% Hawaii Made

The HAMAKUA collection is available ready-to-wear and cut-to-order. All of our garments are hand-crafted with aloha in Hawaii. We believe in sustainable and ethical business practices and are committed to working with Hawaii-based businesses and sourcing materials and manufacturers locally or in the United States. We collaborate with Hawaii-based artists, such as Laurie Sumiye, as well as designers, craftspeople, and suppliers which helps independent local creative businesses to thrive and innovate. Rumi cuts all of her own patterns and sews her first samples, ensuring the highest quality, finish and fit, and pays fair wages to her small army of highly-skilled seamstresses and tailors.

Our packaging and marketing materials aims to be eco-friendly and mindful with minimal impact to the planet.

Rumi Murakami (right in photo)
Clothing Designer

At an early age, Rumi spent hours poring over her mother’s Bazaar magazines and recreating designs using makeshift patterns and an old Singer. Influenced deeply by her Japanese heritage, and a childhood immersed in the creative counter-culture of Northern California’s Bay Area in the 1970’s, Rumi’s design philosophy follows a tradition of handcrafting as opposed to high-volume production. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, her technical skills developed through the rigors of her early years spent in the fast-paced garment industry of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Her move to Hawaii in the late 90’s has rendered a softness to her otherwise tailored designs, striking a balance between tradition and modernity, function and beauty. A true maker, Rumi cuts all of her own patterns and sews her first samples, ensuring the highest quality, finish and fit. As a company, Rumi Murakami is dedicated to ethical and sustainable production processes, employing highly-skilled local sewers and craftspeople. She works in Honolulu and lives in Kahaluu.

Laurie Sumiye (left in photo)

Laurie Sumiye is a Hawai‘i-based visual artist and documentary filmmaker who investigates environmental tensions between humans and nature. Her background in interactive media and design informs her drawings, animations, videos, and installations. She has exhibited her artwork in New York, Los Angeles, Hawai‘i and internationally, in the UK, South Africa and Brazil and screened her award-winning films at DOC NYC, BAM cinemaFest and PS1MoMA. She has an MFA in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College, BA & BS in Art and Communications from Bradley University, and studied art at Lorenzo De’ Medici in Florence and Pratt Institute in New York. She spent 16 years working in creative and technology industries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London. She returned to Hawaii to work on her first long-form documentary for PBS, A PARADISE LOST. Laurie currently works in Honolulu and lives in Mililani, where she was born and raised.



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