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hori-dashi market

this weekend fishcake will be hosting our first hori-dashi market at our kamani street location. friends of fishcake, such as womenswear designer rumi murakami, m33ms jewelry designer emiko miyazawa, kh studio's keiko hatano, and former artist-in-residence nanci amaka, have been "clearing out" the old and making room for the new in their homes and workspaces.

march 10th-11th we will open up the "hot box" at our kamani street location for these vendors to sell their treasures and for the community to come experience a weekend of "lucky finds".

there will be plenty of unique and beautiful items including housewares, dishes, ceramics, art, kimono, textiles, unfinished projects, art supplies, home furnishings, clothing and japanese dishware + tea ceremony items.

what will your lucky find be?


hori-dashi market

saturday, march 10th


sunday, march 11th


@ 307c kamani st

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