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  • By Janis Lee

artists working in classroom space, creating collages with colorful paper, old magazines, and various art materials

fishschool has been the fresh, new kid on the block for creative workshops and innovative instructors here in kaka'ako. our community is pretty cool as well: hundreds of folks have taken workshops in our ever-growing classrooms, along with dozens of members who make this studio a home. we are so thankful to be where we are now, and cannot wait for you to join us in our expanded programming. as summer approaches quickly, we have organized two summer intensives designed to equip aspiring, emerging, and practicing artists. these two courses also give all students an opportunity to exhibit at our summer fishschool showcase at the end of july! 

how do you become an artist? how do you get to art school? how do you create a cohesive portfolio? if you have ever found yourself asking these questions, work through them with fishschool director and local favorite artist dane nakama this summer! dane will be offering advance stuff, a six week intensive focused on giving emerging artists a voice, along with the tools to think critically about their practice. this workshop is open to both 2D and ceramic artists while accommodating both high school students and adults, making the classroom a ripe space for facilitating intergenerational, interdisciplinary discussions. weekly prompts and exercises will give each individual the tools needed to define theirselves and their craft. no need to feel 'advanced' to begin your artistic journey: come as you are, as this workshop is made for those who are interested in becoming artists but are unsure of what their next steps should be. 

'advance stuff' will be held every friday, from June 17th to July 22nd at 4-7pm. $300 for six weeks. 

pinch, slab, and coil your way through six weeks of ceramic skill building with fishschool studio manager joy sanchez and instructor ayaka takao. in the first three weeks with joy, students will acquire necessary tools for hand-building with clay: pinching pots, throwing slabs, and coiling to build forms. in the following weeks, students will work with ayaka in developing an idea for creating an original artwork that applies these three techniques. this six week workshop is ideal for those who want to deepen their knowledge of ceramics and create their own artwork with the medium. get friendly with clay and meet other artists in our first ever ceramics intensive! 

'pinch, slab, coil' will be held every thursday from june 16th -july 21st, at 5:30-8:30pm. $300 for six weeks. 

tell a friend, register your niece, or give yourself the gift of creativity. 

we truly believe that anyone who puts in the time and has the passion + drive can become an artist, and our fishschool instructors are ready to help you tap into your artistic journey.  though masterpieces aren't created overnight, taking the first step for yourself is an unforgettable experience that anyone, at any skill level, can take. 

we are so excited to have you for the summer, but don't miss out on registering for these workshops, as we tend to sell out very quickly!

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