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dynamic equilibrium - o ke au i kahuli wela ka honua by devin oishi + shin ola takahashi

  • By maura fujihira

dynamic equilibrium - o ke au i kahuli wela ka honua by devin oishi + shin ola takahashi

Fishcake presents Dynamic Equilibrium - o ke au i kahuli wela ka honua by local based artists Devin Oishi and Shin Ola Takahashi, on view July 2 to August 29, 2020. Opening reception to be announced.


devin and shin’s series of paintings is inspired by the divine hawaiian chant of creation “kumulipo” and how it is connected to the threads of DNA in a sacred manner. shin references japanese writer and scientist, dr. shin-Ichi fukuoka and his book “dynamic equilibrium”. this novel introduces scientist dr. rudolf schoenheimer who preached the phrase “state of dynamic equilibrium”. molecular biology and genealogy have continuously proved that the rhythm of composition and destruction is not only manifesting in the birth and death of living organisms but the very essence of sentience.  a system that is in constant flux within itself but its overall state remains in a constant balance - like conservation of energy and mass. closely similar to the kumulipo - which represents thousands of years of history.  these are the first twelve lines of the kumulipo, in hawaiian translated to english:


  1. o ke au i kahuli wela ka honua at the time when the earth became hot
  2. o ke au i kahuli lole ka lani at the time when the heavens turned about
  3. o ke au i kuka‘iaka ka la at the time when the sun was darkened
  4. e ho‘omalamalama i ka malama to cause the moon to shine
  5. o ke au o makali‘i ka po the time of the rise of the pleiades
  6. o ka walewale ho‘okumu honua ia the slime, this was the source of the earth
  7. o ke kumu o ka lipo, i lipo ai the source of the darkness that made darkness
  8. o ke kumu o ka po, i po ai the source of the night that made night
  9. o ka lipolipo, o ka lipolipo the intense darkness, the deep darkness
  10. o ka lipo o ka la, o ka lipo o ka po darkness of the sun, darkness of the night
  11. po wale ho--‘i nothing but night
  12. hanau ka po the night gave birth


devin states the kumulipo chants the forming of earth and the birth of the night -- referring to the cycle of life on a cosmic scale --  things change - stay the same - in constant motion. 

devin oishi was born and raised in honolulu.  his inspiration is drawn from storytelling through animation, tokusatsu, and comics. most of his work consists of comic books and storytelling of the status of moʻolelo, japanese, and contemporary culture and history in hawai’i. mr. oishi often works with pens, pencils, cameras, and computers exploring various artistic genres. he also has extensive experience with paint and ceramics. his interests also have led him to study architecture where he broadened his knowledge in 3-D modeling, CAD, and other forms of digital manipulation and woodworking. His work has been exhibited in honolulu, st louis, minneapolis, new york, los angeles, and at imago mundi, la biennale di venezia, italia. as an artist and curator, he has been most prominent at the honolulu museum of art school's mezzanine gallery with the artist group mangabento.

born in the miyagi prefecture of japan, shinichi ola takahashi had always seen art as ambiguous. while working as a graphic designer, he became captivated by “nihon-ga” (japanese-style paintings). he then began to focus on “jigoku-e” (hell scenes). as shin traversed the world of art and painting he had soon met important mentors. after his first exhibition in tokyo, he moved in 1974 to hawaii to become a pupil of jean charlot, a well-known hawaii mural artist. with the support of the charlot family, shin began exhibiting his art in hawaii. since then, one of his paintings has been placed in the state capitol after being purchased by the hawaii state foundation for the arts. shin’s current style now focuses on oil and acrylic materials utilizing his uniquely-created “nihon-ga” method. he proceeds to develop new pieces at his residence in honolulu, hawaii. currently, shin has continued to follow the vista that his ancestors speak through his brush as his pieces portray “dynamic equilibrium”.


dynamic equilibrium - o ke au i kahuli wela ka honua 
by devin oishi + shin ola takahashi
opening reception 
july 02, 2020 - 6pm - 8pm
exhibition runs from july 02 to august 29, 2020
307c kamani st, honolulu hi 96813
rsvp on our facebook event page here --> 
or email for more info or to rsvp

gallery hours: mon - sat from 11am - 4pm


for more information, contact or 808.800.6151

**don't forget your mask and bring your own cup for complimentary drinks. please be mindful and keep 6 feet apart. we will be holding the reception in the cafe area/outside and allow a limited amount to circle the exhibition to allow safely distancing from another. 

or 808.800.6151

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