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art opening | "frozen, floating"

"frozen, floating"

a solo exhibition by science illustrator and fine artist michelle schwengel-regala. 

opening reception will be held at the boxjelly on saturday, july 14th from 6pm - 8pm.

during the 3 months of her residency, michelle's artwork has transformed and evolved to foster her urge to find new explorations, while being carefully formed to match both the proportions and functionality of the boxjelly space. letting go of some of the principles of science illustration, she allows herself to experiment with looser interpretations of ideas. woven metal sculptures and metalpoint drawings bring to life what michelle witnessed during extreme dives beneath the antarctic sea ice.

"frozen, floating" is inspired by a recent trip to antarctica with dive buddy and fellow science communicator, kirsten carlson, as part of the national science foundation antarctic artists & writers program. the goal of their project was to give the public access to our planet's coldest and most remote ecosystem. resulting work included an interactive traveling exhibit and a nonfiction children's book. believing it is important to develop a connection between the public and science, and that creative expression, whether it be writing, video, or fine art, plays a significant role in that, the two worked on projects meant to expand audience interest and understanding of sea life and science in the antarctic marine ecosystem. read more about their trip here

using familiar materials and techniques, michelle depicts elements of her scuba diving experiences, while incorporating aspects that are an exciting departure from previous works. a series of multiples interacting with a singular large piece make up the first component of this exhibit. built to scale, this element represents a specific feature of the diving environment she wants the audience to be able to visualize.

a second component consists of a series of metalpoint drawings. over the last two years michelle has been exploring a medium rarely used in modern times: metalpoint. testing various metals for functionality as a drawing implement, this component is guided by a self-imposed directive #ifitmakesamarkdrawwithit. using this manner, she creates more small multiples demonstrating her experiments and sharing what she saw underwater.

learn more about michelle here

"frozen, floating"
opening reception sat. july 14th, 2018
6-8pm @ theboxjelly
light refreshments will be served.
307a kamani st, honolulu, hi 96814
viewing hours are monday - friday 8a - 8p | sat 11a - 4p

questions? email us info@theboxjelly or call 808.769.6921 | or call 808.593.1231

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