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a survey: 2009-2015 + forbidden image series

 Mary Mitsuda, A Survey: 2009 - 2015 & Jesse Christensen, Forbidden Image Series

 fishcake presents A Survey: 2009 - 2015 and Forbidden Image Series opening on Thursday, September 8th, 2016 featuring paintings by Mary Mitsuda and sculptures by Jesse Christensen.

Mitsuda's A Survey: 2009 - 2015 features eight paintings that form a brief survey of her work from 2009's Garden Seen to 2015's Cloud X-Ray.  The imagery ranges from the Ephemera/paper/icebergs series, Fall Flowers, drips, and her more recent "squeegee" paintings, which are abstractions of landscape, plants, rocks, sky and our internal landscapes.

"My drip paintings are made with brushes but almost all my other work is done with a kind of finger/hand painting, wiping with rags and sponges, and manipulating the paint with plastic scrapers.  These non-brush methods create more ambiguous mark and suggest interesting paths for me to follow.

I think of my paintings as campfire stories--the kind meandering piecing of memories and takes that we weave while we sit around a fire or gaze at rain or walk on a beach.  It's primordial biological pre-digital streaming.  And these paintings of course are a very analog capture of that flow.  They are a capture of my thoughts and emotional biology while I was making them but I also want viewers to look, to pause and engage, wade into the middle of the stream and lift off into an uncharted fly over."

Mitsuda was born and raised in Aiea, Oahu.  At the University of Hawaii-Manoa she studied ceramics, wood, glass blowing, printmaking, drawing, graduating with a BFA in 1976.  In 1989, she began painting as an outgrowth of work in screen prints and monotypes, and painting has been her principle medium since then.

Christensen's Forbidden Images Series, consisting of nine sculptures, are a projection of mysterious ancient artifacts" discovered in a cave, perfectly preserved,"

"How were these objects used and what culture created them?  I theorize that these composites of 'primitive' wood with high tech computer parts possibly functioned as masks, temple maps or ritual objects of an extraterrestrial cargo cult."

Christensen was born in Winnemucca, Nevada.  He has been a residen of Hawaii since 1962.  At the University of Hawaii-Manoa he completed his BFA in Ceramics in 1974, and a MFA in Sculpture, in 1980.  Although primarily a glass artist, his mixed media work has been exhibited in various shows and galleries in Honolulu, some including Contemporary Arts Center, Ramsay Gallery, Art Loft, and Foyer Gallery.  His glass/sculpture work is in many private collections as well as in the Persis Collection and the State Foundation.

Mary Mitsuda, A Survey: 2009-2015 & Jesse Christensen, Forbidden Image Series
opening reception
thursday, september 8th, 2016
6p-8p @fishcake
307c kamani st

exhibition runs from september 8 to november 16, 2016
viewing hours are mon thru fri 9a-5p and sat 10a-5p
for more information, contact or 808.593.1231

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