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Tunnel Vision By Allison Lavalley, Michelle Schwengel-regala + Kun Lian Xu

  • By maura fujihira

Tunnel Vision By Allison Lavalley, Michelle Schwengel-regala + Kun Lian Xu

Fishcake presents Tunnel Vision by local based artists Allison LaValley, Michelle Schwengel-Regala and Kun Lian Xu, on view May 6 til July 10, 2021. Opening reception TBA.

The paths of artists Allison LaValley, Michelle Schwengel-Regala and Kun Lian Xu have intersected through the proximity of their lives and workspaces in Kaka‘ako. In 2016, Michelle was working out of a studio at Aupuni Space (formerly 729 Studios) and met Kun who was working in adjacent Heavy Metal Inc. Around the same time, Allison and Michelle met through the local fiber group “Aloha Knitters.” Their three paths finally converged when Allison joined Aupuni Space in 2019.

As studio neighbors and co-exhibitors in previous group exhibitions at fishcake and BoxJelly, the artists have recognized certain points of intersection in their work. The effects of light through layers feature in each of their approaches to making art. Whether reflected off the base material or a surface treatment, this quality can be traced through all their pieces here utilizing paper, wood, fiber, and metal.  

Though this exhibition was postponed due to the pandemic in 2020, these artists are now feeling hope that this dark time is shifting, brightening, and that there is indeed light to be seen at the end of the tunnel.

Allison Lavalley is a Hawai‘i-based visual artist and UH-Mānoa grad. She completed her BFA primarily in glass and sculpture, but continues to experiment with multiple media, including watercolor, cut paper, digital, textile, and fiber. After working in Antarctica and spending several years in Japan, Allison returned to O‘ahu in 2015 where her experiences abroad continue to influence her work in both subtle and overt ways. Often piecing together multiple smaller elements, she creates organic, feathery-edged vignettes and “portals” exploring introspective themes, such as memory, seen vs. unseen, and the idea of one’s constructed inner world.

Michelle Schwengel-Regala is a scientist-turned-artist whose art career began during her undergraduate degree programs in Wildlife Ecology and Entomology. For fifteen years she worked as a science illustrator, communicating science by collaborating with researchers and museums around the USA and abroad. After moving to Hawai‘i in 2005 she shifted from 2D works on paper to 3D fiber sculpture and then to metal, now used both as a sculptural and a drawing medium. Natural history and field work remain at the core of her conceptual approaches, often featuring species endemic to Hawai‘i or Antarctica.

Kun Lian Xu is a maker who works with wood and metal. Recently she added upcycled materials like plastic marine debris, glass bottles, and aluminum cans to her repertoire. Kun received her BA in Studio Art from UH-Mānoa in 2012. After graduating, she joined O‘ahu Makerspace (a hands-on co-working space) and acquired basic welding and woodworking skills. She currently works at Heavy Metal Hawai‘i and enjoys experimenting with materials through industrial design and metal fabrication.

Tunnel Vision

By Allison Lavalley, Michelle Schwengel-regala + Kun Lian Xu

opening reception TBA

exhibition runs from may 06 - july 10, 2021

307c kamani st, honolulu hi 96813
gallery hours: mon - sat from 11am - 4pm


Chatty Art: Tunnel Vision

with Allison Lavalley, Michelle Schwengel-regala + Kun Lian Xu

ig live june 15, 2021 - 10am






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