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  • By Janis Lee


collaboration, by nature, forces us to expect the unexpected. in this ambitious configuration of ceramic works, fishcake is proud to present “symphony” by jun funahashi, prepared by 146 hands and 4 paws. funahashi is an artist and educator based in honolulu, hi.


“we love seeing the process of making something with spontaneous energy. collaboration is the best way to create and gather random ideas into a project. the exhibition symphony is created by 67 students, staff, and faculty of chaminade university, 8 students at fishschool, and a few close friends. the concept of this exhibition is based on the seed of life, illustrated by the intersection of two circles. the geometric shape symbolizes life in the universe. one of the murals named “HA” describes shared breath in hawaiian. to create this show, we shared the ceramic studios and worked together. we find this collaborate activity is a precious moment of our life.” - jun funahashi


collaborators: Abbey Raison | Abigail P. Yasay | Allyzsa Mae Acidera | Angela Faith T. Chong-Gum | Annika Daisy Mendoza- UH-M | Anthony Rubino | Ariz Sanchez | Audrev Duque | Aviana T. Gregorio | Brianna Gutierrez Aceves | Brittany Clemans | Brittney R. Oguan | Candice T. Muana | Carol an Nacario | Chanelle Ann R. Galang | Charlize E. De Jesus | Claire M. Heffernan | Destiny Joy S. Antonio | Devin Oishi | Dilubech M. Hideyos | Dimitrius I. Dominguez | Donnavin T. Diaz | Elizabeth K. Heffernan | Francis A. Taya | Grace Jackson | Izzie Krupa | Jadeyn Sumait | Jazzy A. Yasuda | Johnalynne A. Nakamatsu | Junghwa Suh | Kahala L. Huddleston | Ka'l'inipu'uwai P. Kelihoomalu-Holz | Kala'akea Aguiar | Kathleen Andrion | Kayla K. Kealoha | Kaylee E. Peters | Kimberly Ann Takata | Kimmie Takata | Krista M. Kramer | Laressa M. Halladay | Laura Flor | Leanna H. Macapagal | Liann Jimmons | Linda Lau | Loke K. Yokoyama | Lucy Lee | Lyle Takenaka | Madi Sim | Madison Directo | Madison K. Charles | Mary Hickman | Michael Castillo | Michele Ferguson | Ms. Aulii K. Olson | Regine Familaran | Reign Morales | Ruth Simmons | Selena Sanchez | Shota Shigeta | Skye Haraga | Susheela Jayaraman | Taina M. Yanagi | Yohko Aquino

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