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double take 04: see what's at the tip top of our list

1. luminaries

last year, zhou came to fishcake with great support of our annual kagu/akari show (an exhibit on locally designed furniture & light fixtures). zhou's students showcased their pieces to what was a final hurrah to a tedious production process, for sure! throughout the year, we carry luminaries from zhou, the designer and professor, himself.

pictured (left to right) 1. square base straw lamp, 900.00 | spring by ken kelly, 1992. oil + enamel, 42x54" 2. rebirth lamp, koa + trunk, 950.00 3. rebirth lamp 2940.00 | obake anthurium by franco salmoiraghi, 1990. unique toned print, 28x30" w/ metal frame + plexi, 1750.00

2. ceramics by shelby b. smith of blue cinder studio

we met shelby smith four years ago for our "aggro roadshow" though there are over 20 years of ceramic work under his belt. smith's play on the handmade is much inspired by a fascination with geology - where pieces echo rings of fire, tectonic plates and a sense of hawaiian place.

pictured (left to right) 1. soda fired porcelain fluted cups, 32.00 each 2. slab built box with fish drawings, 290.00 more pieces in white porcelain to arrive soon!

3. woven baskets by amelia samari

we are welcoming our newest hawaii designer to the fishcake family! samari hand sews her baskets with the intention to allow each piece to take unique shape on its own. its rope core makes for a fun and malleable yet sturdy container for your stuff - small things, plants... furry animals, perhaps?

available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, 45.00 - 245.00.

4. on view, works by franco salmoiraghi

"like skin on the human body – or the surface textures of paper, stone, concrete and metal – flowers and plants are fine modulators of light . . . there was another unknown dimension that attracted my vision to the flowers and plants in much the same way as insects, butterflies and birds are drawn to their essence. this was an atmosphere of deep emotional layers of beauty, sensuality and metaphor . . ."

salmoiraghi holds a dear place in our hearts! having lived and worked as a photographer in hawaii for over forty years, he is as well appreciated for the delicate capture of nature as is his documentary projects on the island of kaho'olawe, waipi'o valley and the waning sugar industry.

selections from flowers & plant of hawaii | portfolios 1 through 7 | all prints are archival processed silver gelatin paper | inquire for more information

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