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fishschool member spotlight: teina lucas

  • By maura fujihira

fishschool member spotlight: teina lucas

this june, we proudly feature teina lucas (she/her), who can be found in our studio focused and working tenaciously on the wheel, creating glaze combinations that breathe life into an old tradition. teina draws inspiration from her environment, which can be reflected in her glaze work - her color palette reflects the diversity of the natural world around us here in hawai’i. born and raised on the island to a tahitian father and a mother of hawaiian, japanese, european descent, she has spent time working with a ceramicist in colorado and holds a doctorate. she has worked with a student of Shoji Hamada, a japanese national treasure, which remains as one of her first inspirations.

psychologist by trade, she starts her days with early morning telehealth sessions, followed by kite surfing on the windward side of the island and making pots in our studio. she is also an avid gardner, motorcyclist, shark diver, and horse rider.

teina makes coffee for her partner every morning, which gives us insight to the kindness and grace that appears in her friendly demeanor and beautiful work. some of her inspirations include: ruth bader ginsberg, ketanji b. jackson, george sumner, wildlife, the ocean, and her garden.  

teina's one of a kind work will be available for purchase at our 307c kamani shop until july 5th in “the aquarium”, a dedicated space for fishschool members art and wares. "

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