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pillows: something to throw about

1. vintage aloha

debra toy bressem's pillow covers are exactly that, vintage aloha. made from vintage hawaiian aloha shirts, these pillows are luxuriously soft and the perfect addition to a vintage beach decor. a pillow like this not only stands out in a room, but tells a story through its images and hawaiian roots. the fabric from the aloha shirts have been cut and pieced together, collectively narrating stories about hawaiian surf culture, native flora, the art of hula dancing and even the hawaiian sunset through swaying palm trees.

these pillow covers are a great addition to a room in need of a story to tell.

pictured: vintage aloha pillow cover, insert sold separately | sizes 16"x16", 24"x24", 20"x20" and 20"x10" | prices: $80-$108 each

2. rumi murakami's kimono patchwork

we are so lucky here at fishcake, because we get to see rumi's designs from beginning to end. rumi is a designer in-residence with our neighbors at the boxjelly. she can often be found quietly cutting or sewing in her studio, creating not only pillows, but mainly sophisticated, relaxed and tailored women's clothing. we can see rumi's fashion sense expressed in the rich materials and patterns she uses for her pillows. in fact, she uses recycled kimono fabric for her pillows, literally yoking together ancient fashion with modern home accessories. she gets her kimono fabric from her mother, who was formerly a japanese tea ceremony instructor. 

"What's special about it, is all kimono fabric is only cut in 14-inch wide strips, which means I have to patch together and match the patterns."

her muted colors are a great way to pull together the soft colors of a room, or to tone down the more vibrant colors. on top of everything, her pillows make for some serious comfy time on your favorite sofa or chair.

pictured: kimono fabric used for rumi's pillows | inserts included | sizes: 12"x15", 18"x18", 14"x22" | prices: $48-$115.

3. hawaiian blue

you may have already seen donna miyashiro's indigo handiwork hung over a friend's shoulder in the form of a cho-chin bag or draped around someone's neck as a silk or linen scarf. donna's beautifully, delicate hand-dyed hawaiian-grown indigo designs, also known as hawaiian blue, have become quite popular here at fishcake. not unlike her scarves and bags, donna's hand-dyed linen pillows exude a natural presence, 

"any subtle variance, is characteristic of indigo dye and makes each piece unique."

indigo dye also falls under the category of natural dyes that are naturally antimicrobial, offering not only aesthetically beautiful accessories to your furniture but also a safe and healthy one. donna's pillows are large and super comfortable, great for those who like something soft to rest their head on.

pictured: hawaiian blue indigo square linen (flax) pillow, insert included | size: 18"x18" | price: $85.

4. tutuvi, clothing of the tropics

tutuvi is a tropical design collection of locally screen-printed fabric designs featured on clothing, interior furnishings, and public banners in hawaii by local designer colleen kimura. 

"these prints come from the colors and shapes of leaves, fruit, fish, sea life, and geometric motifs [captured] from the natural environment and cultures of hawaii, polynesia, and pacific islands."

colleen has been creating tropical inspired screen prints for many years in hawaii. she once owned her own boutique called 'tutuvi store,' where she featured all her own designs. her patterns are bold, with a sophisticated color pallet. 

you can find her clothing at the bernice pauahi bishop museum shop pacifica.

pictured: tutuvi locally screen-printed pillowcase | insert not included | size: 22"x22" | price: $40

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