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steve martin: the cream of the pot (and plates)

1. when the food isn't the only thing that's one-of-a-kind


a dish of prepared food is, to some degree, always one-of-a-kind; it's not everyday, that your plate is too. steve martin's celadon (greenware) porcelain plates, flat plate holders, and shallow bowls have their own unique cracks, color variations, and outlines. these dishes give your food something to talk about. 

pictured: steve martin's celadon porcelain plates | sizes: 7", 8", 10" | prices: $33-$35 each

2. honey pots  


here at fishcake we see steve martin's drip pots as magical honey jars. their warm colors, unique natural drips, and full-body shape pull together the coziness of a space, while still maintaining a minimalistic outline. 

pictured: steve martin's small round ceramic pot, brown with white drips | sizes: (pictured) 7"h x 8"w, 12"h x 12"w | prices: $200-$400

3. a modern spin on an ancient style


this unique vessel may seem modern upon first glance, but it is part of an ancient family of 'stirrup spout vessels.' its origin lies in the pre-columbian cultures of south america beginning in the early 2nd millennium BCE. we're really excited about this piece from steve, because it's quite different from his other pieces. 

pictured: steve martin stirrup pot | size: 15"h x 17"w | price: $800

4. not just a casserole dish 


the green (pea) casserole dish is one of three in the green (pea) collection; the others include a vase and a large bowl. we'd like to think one would use this dish for more than just their green peas and green beans. it's not only versatile, but its unique outline adds a special touch to almost any space.

pictured: steve martin green (pea) casserole dish | size: 7"h x 8"w | price: $195

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