lei-centric 2021 - jay agpaoa jr.

By fishcake

$ 80.00

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fishcake presents a collection of unconventional leis in it pop-up exhibition, “lei-centric,” featuring a range of materials by local artists.  

the iconic symbol of hawaii originated as a sacred offering to deities, chiefs or events in the early era of hawaiian culture. common types of lei were the maile vine lei, hala seed lei, ti leaf lei, niho palaoa lei made of bone and shell, and the feather hulu manu lei.

fast forward into the 1900’s, floral leis were the first gift visitors received when they arrived at the piers of the Aloha Tower as a warm aloha welcome to the island. today, lei giving has become a time honored practice for any special occasion whether it is a birthday, wedding, graduation, guest speaker, or celebration.

lei-centric is a collection that features the lei in a refreshing way using materials and techniques not commonly accessible at your everyday lei stand. this exhibition gives artists the chance to flex their skills and create a production of art pieces that the public can enjoy as well as purchase for their own lei giving celebrations coming up this year.


jay agpaoa jr is a creative interested in pattern making and technical design. His fascination for repurposing produces creations with unique intentions of the owner’s involvement. Chuniora currently works for FITTED and studies Apparel Productions at Cal Poly Pomona. He enjoys learning about other creative mediums and how those mediums can be applied to his practice.

The 'ilima lei  
A lei is a gift.   
A sign of gratitude and celebration.
A shirt is a clothing item. Worn on the upper half of the body.
Takes 1,000+ 'ilima flowers to create one lei.
Takes one XL cotton T-shirt to create one lei.
Both needs time to create.  
Both can be loved equally.


"ilima" shirt lei - $200

"ilima" paper lei - $80