chrysanthemum garden

By jinja kim

$ 900.00

in this particular dog series, hawai'i-based artist jinja kim, invites the viewer into the world of hanafuda playing cards, which serve as a fantastic playground where dog's life experiences of curiosity, simple joy, affection, and musing can be witnessed. these innate qualities of dogs have always inspired jinja kim. through this piece she wants to share her observations of dogs with their full range of emotions. 

chrysanthemum garden is a multi-plate color etching. three plates were used, each bearing a portion of images in different colors. when each plate is printed in perfect registration, the complete image is revealed. the artist chose to use this medium because of her love for the crisp quality of the etched line and the tonal quality of the aquatint.

chrysanthemum garden, 1987
ed. no. 3/20
multi-plate color etching
aluminum frame - 20" x 16"
print size - 9.5” x 6.5” 

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