blue clay


BLUE CLAY offers inside (members) and outside firing (firing for non-members and non-students) for individual pieces at a rate of 4 cents per cubic inch per firing for members, 8 cents per cubic inch per firing for non-members. We offer firings for bisque (at cone 08-04) and glaze (at cone 6-10) using clay bodies and materials either from our studio or approved by one of our studio managers.

Turnaround time is based on the volume of work currently moving through the studio - we fire kilns as soon as they are full but must prioritize members' work. We can provide you with an estimate for timing once the work has been submitted. Generally, outside firing takes 2-3 weeks, but when the studio is especially busy it can take longer.

Individual kiln rental is available to members but must be scheduled in advance. Students and ceramic artists from outside of the studio may be able to rent a kiln, but only if we have availability based on the current volume of member and student work. Kiln rentals are not reserved for a specific date, but we will provide an estimate for when the work will be fired at the time it is submitted.

To submit work for outside firing or for a kiln rental, you must first have your materials approved, then schedule a time to bring in and submit the work in person within the following windows: Tuesday 11am-4pm, Friday 11am-4pm, Saturday 11am-4pm.

Please note, if you bring in anything other than the materials approved, we will not fire them.

If you submit work for firing that includes other materials than what was approved and they cause damage to the kiln or other work in the kiln, you will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of any damages caused.

For inquiries, please email

Please note we cannot guarantee glaze fit on outside materials as we have not had the opportunity to test the materials with our glazes and firing schedules.


Annual Membership - $200 
(special price from now 'til end of 2020 - $100)

Membership includes:

$0.04 per cubic inch for firing bisque to cone 6
$260 full kiln rental 
$25 monthly shelf rental
$100 for a 10-day open studio pass
$200 for unlimited open studio for a month
( when there is no workshops )

    Non-membership includes:

    $0.08 per cubic inch for firing bisque to cone 6
    $480 full kiln rental 
    $15 drop in open studio ( when space is available )

        [purchase annual membership today for $100] (offers expires dec 31, 2020)

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