coffee for the people

november 2015

Morning Glass Coffee Bar launches “Coffee for the People”, sparking a series of events at their Kakaako location this November. 

When did coffee become stuffy and elitist? Morning Glass Coffee Bar (MG) in Kakaako and their great team are groundbreakers (and nurturers) of coffee culture in Hawaii and the Pacific with a panache for keeping it real. Customers who seek a special experience when it comes to their cup-o-joe find MG to return time and again. Eric Rose, creator of MG, shares, “We welcome anyone who just wants a regular cup of coffee, gladly. If you want to learn more about the beans, their origins and tastes: great. It’s about making good coffee accessible for everyone.”

In collaboration between MG and Boxjelly/Fishcake, which houses the MG Kakaako location, “Coffee for the People” welcomes a month of workshops, coffee tastings and cocktail events to share the passion, knowledge and fun MG has for the bean. Coffee snobbery to be tolerated, but not encouraged.

A year ago, Morning Glass Coffee Bar (MG) popped up in the unconventional showroom/gallery of fishcake in Kakaako, renown locally and abroad for its work in contemporary art and design. The unique location bridges diverse communities of both locals and international visitors with the MG brand.  

November Program
11/04 - Stumptown Coffee Roasters | 1-3pm
11/07 - Get Clever! | Clever Cone Brew Workshop | 9am-12pm
11/11 - Tasting: Four Barrell Coffee Roasters | 1-3pm
11/18 - Tasting: African Region | 1-3pm
11/25 - Tasting: Latin American Region | 1-3pm
11/28 - CFTP Paʻina | Cocktails + music | 2-6pm