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hawaiian blue, led by donna miyashiro and tokunari fujibayashi, is a Honolulu-based company dedicated to sharing the craft of natural dyeing by producing their signature indigo-hued soft goods. both as a plant and in the dye vat, indigo takes on a life of its own. “I remember one night when [the plants] were kind of big, I went to look out and I thought I killed them. but they actually sleep at night,” says donna miyashiro, a tiny woman from ‘aiea with enough humble exuberance to fill the narrow dye room of hawaiian blue, located in lana lane studios in kaka‘ako. miyashiro grows the hawaiian indigo that she and founder tokunari fujibayashi use to dye her sewn creations and other items like stained shirts or toe socks—anything they can get their hands on, really—in the courtyard of her home. her dog likes to take morning naps in the shade of the indigo leaves.