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combining a gallery experience with furniture showroom to create a live setting as if you were living with art.

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following the success of fishcake's "indigo" show last year, we've asked artists to take their creative impulse a step further: to play, challenge themselves, and surprise us with their indigo experiments.

curator keiko hatano muses, "usually indigo is more utilitarian–for cushions, towels and sometimes clothing. what will happen if we use indigo on different materials and mediums? how can the artists add their own twist to this tradition?"

alongside the indigo creations at fishcake, boxjelly will be featuring photographers josiah patterson and jonas maon who capture indigo in all its expression: as colour, collaboration, dye, process. the first art conflux of fishcake and boxjelly, beyond the indigo norm highlights what both spaces do best, the artful life and the creative process.

invited to hawaii by TEMARI center for asian and pacific arts, artist and special guest akemi cohn will present her work and process in a lecture open to the public on thursday, october 15, from 6-8pm in the shared space joining fishcake and boxjelly.

opening reception | thurs 10 sept from 6-8pm @ fishcake