the building

we hate to brag, but our roommates are pretty awesome.

box jelly

in 2011, hawaiʻi's first and largest co-working space got their start in 'the white  box' event space. they've made a permanent home next door. together, we create a multi-purpose space. we are like the yin to their yang.


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morning glass coffee + pastry

the rad team joined us in august of 2014 as their second location after the flagship manoa store. fishcake[works] designed the bar! why coffee? we take our daily drink seriously. and, have high reverence for its stimulating effects and catalyst tendency to gather community and discussion.

morning glass - taking a break for the holidays dec 16 - jan 7

the white box

team meetings, workshops, or even launch parties—the white box is 400 square feet of potential.

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rental specs: holds 20-30 people / $120 per hr.