the flatmates

we hate to brag, but our flatmates are pretty awesome.  


GENTLE BEAST has been a leading florist who is gathering blooms world wide to our beautiful island of o'ahu. our honolulu studio specializes in delivering stunning seasonal bouquets and arrangements, weekly flowers for your home or office, as well as creating spectacular and unique displays for hotels, weddings and events of any size.

visit his website to order! pick up and delivery available. 



ISLAND-BOY aims to facilitate communication between the designer-maker-artist-entrepreneur, and the audience-shopper-fan-collector. ehe shop is a self-funded, one-man retail experiment that offers a diverse spectrum of things that support high-quality living. each item is curated specifically in support of, and in opposition to, the accompanying items offered, through a fun, tropical lens.

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⚡️ SHOP HOURS⚡️  wedneday thru saturday ⚡️  10a to 6p ⚡️

🌲 HOLIDAY HOURS🌲  12/1 thru 12/24 🌲  10a to 8p 🌲



CAMILLE CARNEVALE brand is to encourage people to spend more time in the outdoors. she create products that help people tell their own stories about the ocean and spread awareness about nature by switching off and paying attention to the wellbeing of our planet. with that being said, social media has become the antithesis of this aim with algorithms designed to keep people scrolling and stop them from truly experiencing life.

visit her production studio and showroom

wednesday thru saturday 11a to 4p


Michelle Schwengel-Regala is a fiber artist and scientific illustrator who has worked with natural history museums around the world and is currently a resident artist at the bishop museum in honolulu, hawai‘i. she studied entomology and wildlife ecology at the university of wisconsin-madison and holds a graduate certificate in Science Illustration from the university of california santa cruz. her studio currently resides in the corral in the island boy space.