the makers+artists (m33ms)


raised in california, M33Ms designer emiko miyazawa hails originally from japan. emiko was born into a family of creatives, including her great grandmother who crafted Japanese dolls, a kabuki dancer aunt, and her traditional sushi chef father.

the seeds of design sprouted early in miyazawa, who crafted her first jewelry pieces at the age of twelve. her professional career also took root early on as a design and production assistant for a brentwood jewelry designer, and by 19 was helping to exhibit at jewelers association shows in new york city. miyazawa is a self taught designer as well as a graduate gemologist from the gemological institute of america. miyazawa’s love of design further flourished after working for a patek philippe watch agent, where she acquired an affinity for timepieces and the intricacies of their movements, a recurring theme in her designs today.

currently living in Honolulu, emiko uses the calming influence of simple island life, to express herself with clarity, balance and meaning. “I love making jewelry because jewelry can be used as a portal for sharing the intangible things in life that can only be felt.”