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by konus designs, Raphael Pangnilian



1. How did you get started in creating your work?  It all starts in my head as an imagination, I can always see finished when I close my eyes. From there I start making a prototype.


2. Where do you draw your inspiration from? Mostly from Human emotions and nature,


3. Where do you currently create your work? At Makaha or Makua beach. I park on the side of the raod and work from the trunk of my car. It is very calming and inspiring.


4. Where do you see yourself as a designer/ maker in the future 3 years from now? My goal was always to be the best in what I do so Gobal recognition is where I see myself in 3 years from now.   


5. Can you share a verbal interaction with someone that really enjoyed your design?  "Your work really inspires me and connects with me".  This is the best conversation you can have with a client is when they connect with your design. 


6. If you were a chair, what type of chair would you be? 



makua light sculpture

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