dynamic equilibrium - devin oishi

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"Art is the means by which culture and civilization travel across generations." Mr. Oishi uses narratives to spotlight the past to move into the future. “I ka Wā Mahopel ka Wā Mamua. The future exists in the past. His artis a bridge between himself and my culture that allows him to travel with ancestors to illuminate the holistic nature of life and a viable future. He develops ideas to navigate us into the future by recalling the past.” 

Mr. Oishi works in any material and various genres. “Animation, Tokusatsu, and comics were my inspiration as a child. I make comics and storybooks in addition to paintings, photos, and sculptures that juxtapose mo‘olelo, Japanese, and contemporary culture and history.”

His work has been exhibited in Honolulu, St Louis, Minneapolis, NY, LA, and Imago Mundi, La Biennale di Venezia. As curator he has been most prominent with Mangabento. Mr Oishi teaches art and has volunteered with many organizations.