rare earth series vase

By xen design

$ 190.00

in the midst of a dark night, lightning strikes on a beach in an extraordinary display of nature. in this rare occurrence, glass is naturally formed of material - sand. these unique acts of nature inspire scott fitzel, of xen designs, as he creates glass works at mosquito farm studios in rural kahalu'u, on the island of oahu.

clearly made by hand, these vases have an unusual earthiness about them, almost as if the colors were created with gemstones or something found in a geode or lava tube. the matte surface and unusual color reactions are created as fitzel experiments with reduction and oxidation environments, techniques often used in ceramics. finely crafting each vase, he hopes they will be used often as a casual, everyday object. each unique vase is perfect for displaying a single orchid bloom or a simple arrangement. 

handblown glass

*although no two pieces are identical, the artist attempts to capture the same elemental qualities in each piece.