kimono pillow

By rumi murakami

$ 115.00
we are so lucky here at fishcake, because we get to see rumi's designs from beginning to end. rumi is a designer in-residence with our neighbors at the boxjelly. she can often be found quietly cutting or sewing in her studio, creating not only pillows, but mainly sophisticated, relaxed and tailored women's clothing. we can see rumi's fashion sense expressed in the rich materials and patterns she uses for her pillows. in fact, she uses recycled kimono fabric for these pillow covers, literally yoking together ancient fashion with modern home accessories. she gets her kimono fabric from her mother, who was formerly a japanese tea ceremony instructor. "what's special about it, is all kimono fabric is only cut in 14-inch wide strips, which means i have to patch together and match the patterns." her muted colors are a great way to pull together the soft colors of a room, or to tone down the more vibrant colors. on top of everything, her pillows make for some serious comfy time on your favorite sofa or chair. this is a filled pillow cover with the kyoko pattern and sized 14 x 22
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