so you want to write a book... w/ maya | friday, may 20th 4-6pm

By Maya Chendke

$ 30.00

If you’ve ever had an idea for a novel or aspired to publish a book, get started with this practical creative writing workshop. Bring your favorite writing instrument (no laptops allowed) and be guided through a series of prompt work intended to help tease out your story and bring your characters to life. Walk away with the ingredients you’ll need to start crafting your next story.

Maya Chendke is a professional ghostwriter and author hailing from Toronto, Canada. By day, she writes for brands including UCLA Health, Google, Bayer G4A, Deloitte, and the Canadian Medical Association. By night, she writes fiction, including an internationally-distributed novel, Awake but Dreaming (clocking in at 500 pages). Maya began her professional writing career at the age of 15 and has been joyfully crossing the line of fiction/non-fiction ever since.

friday, may 20th 4-6pm

all materials provided

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