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by james fairly. comission only.


1. I believe that a combination of my father being a professional artist and building/fixing things around the house with him first sparked my interest in making things from a young age. I eventually became interested in making surfboards, but found a mentor that could teach me shaping and furniture making, which became my introduction to fine woodworking.


2. There are so many great furniture makers in the world, past and present, and I'm in constant admiration of their work. Along with that, I draw inspiration from every art medium and of course, nature.


3. I currently work out of a shared shop in Kapa'a Quarry, near Kailua and always welcome friends or clients to swing by, but it is a bit dusty!


4. I hope that my skills and reputation for quality and integrity continue to grow alongside my business. I plan to have my own line of furniture and would love to continue custom work that brings joy to my clients in the future.

japandi rocking chair

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