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in the heart of kakaʻako

fishcake is a dynamic, women-owned business that opened in late 2007 in kaka'ako, hawai'i. since then, it has become an integral part of the honolulu design scene, representing over 250 local artists in diverse mediums and offering high-end furniture. fishcake has hosted a wide range of events, from vintage pop-ups to artist talks, art classes, and exhibits. in addition, fishcake is home to a ceramic studio, an art school, a hair salon, a flower shop, a tattoo studio, a coffee venmo machine, and an incubator café space.

our mission at fishcake is to provide furniture, decor, and art that enhance the home, with a particular focus on contemporary designs and artwork from local designers, artists, and makers in hawaii. we believe in nurturing creativity and providing a platform for new ideas to launch and manifest, whether it be in the realms of design, food, fine art, craft or furniture.

as we navigate these changing economic times, fishcake remains committed to promoting beauty, simplicity, and fun in our daily lives and abode. we look forward to continuing to inspire our community in the years to come with our unique blend of creativity, innovation, and passion for design.

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