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designed + produced by: kana ogawa

materials: bamboo, hemp paper, guava wood

size: 10h x 9w x 9d (inches)

includes: parts + box 

tools need: no tools needed

diffculty level: easy to medium 


*note: one of kind. available for purchase but not available for pick up or delivery till march 8, 2024.



The Kagu | Akari project is more than a design challenge; it pushes the boundaries of design and uncovers new talents right here in Hawai’i. As we mark our 12th year, we invite you to immerse yourself in exciting possibilities that furniture and lighting can offer. This year, we shine a spotlight on Knockdown – where style meets convenience. Explore the art of disassembled pieces coming together to create functional masterpieces. Experience the advantages of efficient transportation and easy storage that define this innovative design approach.


Knockdown furniture, also known as flat-pack or ready-to-assemble furniture, refers to items that are shipped and sold in a disassembled state, requiring the buyer to assemble the pieces at home. This type of furniture typically comes with all the necessary components, including panels, screws, and other fasteners, along with detailed assembly instructions. Knockdown furniture offers several advantages, such as cost savings in manufacturing, efficient transportation due to reduced packaging volume, and ease of storage for both manufacturers and consumers. Additionally, it allows for convenient delivery and is often associated with affordability and accessibility. While assembly may require some effort on the part of the buyer, the popularity of knockdown furniture has grown due to its convenience, versatility, and the ability to cater to a wide range of design preferences and lifestyles.

No. 33

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