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GENTLE BEAST has been a leading florist who is gathering blooms world wide to our beautiful island of o'ahu. our honolulu studio specializes in delivering stunning seasonal bouquets and arrangements, weekly flowers for your home or office, as well as creating spectacular and unique displays for hotels, weddings and events of any size.

visit his website to order! pick up and delivery available.




ISLAND-BOY aims to facilitate communication between the designer-maker-artist-entrepreneur, and the audience-shopper-fan-collector. ehe shop is a self-funded, one-man retail experiment that offers a diverse spectrum of things that support high-quality living. each item is curated specifically in support of, and in opposition to, the accompanying items offered, through a fun, tropical lens.

a 3000-square-foot turnkey project for a family of four at the top of one of kaka'ako's newest highrises with custom furniture, millwork and thoughtfully commissioned artwork by artists and makers from hawai'i.

a glam refresh for a luxurious salon located in honolulu.

elegant and modern. located in the midst of busy ala moana center, the interiors speak to blue sky, ocean and quiet mountains to create a sense of comfort from the urban core.

a modern oasis...

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